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MBBA President's Welcome

Dear MBBA Member

On behalf of your 2020 Officers and Directors we welcome all members, new and old, to the Massachusetts Beach Buggy Association. I’d like to personally thank all of you who continue to volunteer your time to the MBBA and also those who are just recently getting more involved. Every year sees some different faces filling different roles however the club’s foundation, stability and leadership are as strong, talented, and committed as ever and I look forward to all of you helping make this, our 70th anniversary, a special and memorable year.

It is my firm belief that without the MBBA and the efforts of its members and leaders for all of those years, none of us would still be enjoying the privilege of driving our rigs on the beach in Massachusetts. It’s obvious that there are far more people that would rather not see any vehicles on the beach than there are that drive them out there. We are outnumbered. Drastically. Yet here we are, going into our 70th year still enjoying a lifestyle that is possible only because of those that came before us. Yes, it’s different. Yes, it’s more restrictive and limited than it was years ago. But we’re still here.

The reason we’re still here in spite of all of those environmentalists and conservationists that would rather have oversand vehicles be part of a shameful forgotten past is because of how deep and strong our love, passion, and dedication is for what we do. It’s in our blood and we don’t give up. We are dedicated. We are tenacious when necessary. As a multi-generational, life-long user of Nauset Beach I’m honored to have this opportunity to serve as President of this fine organization and continue to fight the good fight, with all of you, so that those that come after us can continue to enjoy such a unique way of appreciating the beauty of our beaches the way we have with our friends and families for so many years.

Bob Long #687

MBBA President

Massachusetts Beach Buggy Association

PO Box 1264

Harwich, MA 02645

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