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MBBA President's Welcome

Dear MBBA Member,

Welcome to 2023!  On behalf of the MBBA Board of Directors and Officers, I want to thank you for your continued support of our organization.  The past few years have been challenging for all of us, but personally I am grateful to have the MBBA.  The friendships and activities of this club, and time on our beaches, have helped my family and me endure through Covid-19.

As 2023 begins, the focus of our club is shifting back to the dual mandates that have defined us for the last 73 years.  We are here to be your voice for beach access and to conserve and protect our beaches for future use.

It is with a heavy heart that I acknowledge the club lost access to Plum Island in 2022.  It's disappointing to lose a beach, but we need to use this as a strong reminder that we cannot stand idly by when it comes to defending beach access.  With that in mind, beach goers who frequent Duxbury and Race Point have also experienced frustration and reduced access.

As your President, I will work with the beaches to identify the causes of diminished access and find solutions that will let us restore at least some of what we have lost.

We need support from you, because this club is only as strong as its members.  If you are having issues with your beach, please reach out to your beach rep or to me to discuss your concerns.  I look forward to celebrating on our beaches and promoting the MBBA as we restore access.

We plan to have a Spring Meet at Scusset Beach and 2023 Conservation Projects.  I hope to see you all there.

For access and conservation,

Keith Banks #2316

President, MBBA


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