Since 1950

What We Do

During the spring months, and occasionally in the fall, we volunteer our vehicles and manpower to help the beach managers do whatever work needs to be done at the time, whether it be beach cleanups, pick up any debris deposited by Mother Nature’s storms and/or irresponsible people, or dune restoration projects.

We meet with beach managers to keep the lines of communications open, in case any questions or concerns may arise.

We attend symposiums and maintain a booth in sportsman shows to help distribute information about ourselves and the beaches that allow vehicle access. The information we pass out is the beach access policies, rules and regulations, and of course, most of the conversations are about fishing and beach access problems.

We get involved in political activities, whether it be the state house or Washington, DC. At times we find that we have to go on our own to the state and federal legislatures to keep them informed as to what is going right, and occasionally what is not right, regarding beach access and other issues important to our members.

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