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MBBA History & How We Started

The use of motor vehicles equipped to travel on sand first became popular after the end of World War II. Initially, “Beach Buggies” were a means for fishermen to reach otherwise inaccessible waters in the cape cod area to fish the open surf for striped bass.

In 1950 a group of Cape Cod fisherman recognized and realized that as using beach buggies grew there would be a need for an organization to police this activity and establish a set of rules and regulations to protect the rights of individuals, conserve beach areas, and assure the continued availability of public beaches. this then, is the Massachusetts Beach Buggy Association.

We are people joined together in a common interest, dedicated to the preservation of our natural beach resources, acutely aware that the future of our hobby depends upon the manner in which we conduct ourselves in the pursuit of that hobby.

Promotion Of
Beach Access And Conservation

This group of people was interested in the promotion of beach access and conservation, to be an instrument in the promotion of safe beach access and saltwater fishing for the proper conservation of our waters, beaches and marine sport fisheries to engage in the dissemination of information relating to marine waters, marine species, beach travel and beach buggy operation, and to take such steps deemed necessary to secure needed legislation or reform public interest, to promote good sportsmanship and to uphold conservation laws.

Above, Evening Of A Fall Conservation Project.

Since the beginning there have been a lot of changes over the years, and beach buggies, once a solely male fishing endeavor, has truly become a family sport. From the evolution of Model A Fords and army surplus Jeeps, to over-the-sand self contained surf fishing vehicles to make life a little cozier for family fun, today most beach buggies are sophisticated compact units, sporting cooking and sleeping facilities, water supplies and lavatories.

Above, Race Point Project Fall.

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