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Vice Presidents Award Recipients

Diane Lomba VP award 2017

Diane Lomba

For your never ending and timeless support of the MBBA on the 2017 Spring Meet you made a first time Vice Presidents job much easier with all of the help all while attending to your responsibilities as the Membership Secretary , Beach Representative of Sandy Neck Beach and Co-Chair of the website committee. Thank you so much for all of the support and help in 2017 to further our great organization
Sheila & Richard Sunman

Sheila & Richard Sunman


Peter Murray

In appreciation of your long time support of the MBBA as President, Advisor , Committee Chairman and Race Point Beach Representative.

Scott Morris

In application for your continued efforts, preserving beach access, involvement with the Town Of Orleans completed HCP, the first HCP developed on the east coast. Scott continues his dedication, now working with the State Of Massachusetts developing their Habitat Conservation Program. Thank you for your continued support of the MBBA.

Bobby & Diane Lomba

In appreciation of your outstanding work as Sandy Neck Beach Rep. and Courtesy Patrol. Your creativity, innovation and support a MBBA events is very much appreciated. An entire family dedicated to the goals and preservation of the MBBA.

Bob Kelly

in appreciation of your constant willingness to offer assistance at each and every club event that you attend. You always come forward to help out in any way that you can without being asked and volunteer your time unconditionally.

Ray Perry

In appreciation of your longtime support and dedication to MBBA by generously donating to the Spring Meet raffle and also for always donating your hand carved birds to raise monies for the club at both Spring meet and Fall Banquet.

Al & Rose Carlson

For your hard work at Spring Meet and being at most beach cleanups helping out and providing friendship and camaraderie.

Don Shaw

In appreciation of your dedication and support of MBBA Legal Fund by coordinating plug making and sales for donations.

Cathy Filman

In appreciation of dedication and tireless support of the junior members events & activities during the

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