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2019 Agenda (Subject to Change)


2019 MBBA Spring Meet Agenda


 Welcome members, friends and guests to the Massachusetts Beach Buggy Association’s 2019 Annual Spring Meet.  The Spring Meet Committee has spent several months designing an event that continues the traditions and success of previous events.  The best way for a member to support this event is to purchase raffle tickets, food and encourage our junior members to participate in the many activities we have planned for them. Now relax, catch up with old friends and enjoy the weekend.

CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL is NOT allowed in any State Park.  Violators may be asked to leave the property, issued a fine or even arrested.   A beverage “Koozie” does not qualify as an alternative to the rules.  Park Staff will be patrolling the area all weekend.  Please remember our individual behavior reflects on the MBBA as a whole.  We hope everyone has a great time and thank you for your cooperation.

Everyone attending Spring Meet, even for an hour must check in.  Every vehicle will receive and must display the MBBA Mirror Tag in the front window.   Failure to display a mirror tag may result in your vehicle being towed.

All vehicles attending the event will receive a check-in “Goody Bag” with a limit of one per vehicle/family.  In addition to 1 goodie bag per family, all adult members will get a copy of the 2019 Spring Meet Agenda.

During Check-In, all children will receive a poster board, crayons and the theme for this year’s junior member poster contest. (Posters must be completed and turned in no later than Saturday at 1:30PM)

Friday May 17


 6:30 PM Patrick Paquette Famous Smoked Ribs –have a ½ Rack or full Rack then sign up for our Friday Night Corn Hole Tournament

6:30 PM - 7:30 PM - Sign-up for MBBA Junior and Adult Casting Contests

See Harry Ashley at the tent

 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM - Cornhole Tournament Center Circle See Diane Lomba



 Saturday May 18

7:00 AM - Reveille - A Spring Meet Tradition Lives On!

8:00 AM - Welcome to All

Spring Meet Chairman & MBBA VP Tom Moss will kick off the days’ activities

8:00 AM - Coffee at the VP Camper – Center Circle

8:15 AM – 9:00 AM - Sign-up for MBBA Junior and Adult Casting Contests

See Harry Ashley at the tent

10:30 AM – 12PM    Check In/Membership - Center Circle

Check In & pick up your 2019 MBBA Addendum.  If you have not paid your 2019 Annual Dues, this is the time to do so.  Don’t forget to sign up your pet for the fundraiser.

10:00 AM – 1:30 PM      Raffle Tickets on Sale - Under the Tent

Our financial success of Spring Meet is determined by sales of raffle tickets.  We need volunteers to help us sell tickets.  If every member donated one hour of time, we would have plenty of help. Please volunteer some time, we will be happy to find you a spot where your services would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
10:30 AM – 1:30 PM      Promotional Tables Open – Under Tent

Get your limited edition 2019 T-Shirts before they sell out. All other items discounted as part of our major inventory reduction sale.

12:00PM - 1:30 PM        Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Sausages - Center Circle

Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers, Sausage Sandwiches $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00

Hot Dogs $0.25 each

12:00PM - NAUSET RAW BAR OPENS - Center Circle


1:30 PM - BOD Caucus Meeting

All Officers and Directors will meet in the Center Circle and adjourn to a private location for the Annual Spring Meet Caucus Meeting.



Close all Raffle tables for Business meeting.

2:00 PM - Spring Meet Business Meeting, followed by 50/50 and Conservation Raffle Table Drawings

Many members are not interested in the business meeting but once again we have come up with some ideas to make things—valuable!!!   We will have the normal reports; announcements, guest speakers etc and we promise to move the meeting right along.  At the end of the Business Meeting, we will draw our 50/50 raffle winner, Saturday Lottery Tree and Conservation Raffle Table and yes, you must be present to win.

4:00 PM - Raffle Ticket Sales Open – Under Tent

Please don’t forget to volunteer some of your time selling tickets.

5:15 PM - Last Call for Adult & Junior Lobster Raffle Tickets



5:30 PM - Appetizers are served - Center Circle

  • Nauset Raw Bar – Market Prices

  • Chowder- $3.00 Cup $5.00 Bowl

5:45 PM - Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Sausages - Center Circle

Hamburgers/Cheeseburgers, Sausage Sandwiches $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00

  • Hot Dogs $0.25 each

Thirsty Course – Water $1.00

6:45 PM - Dessert Table - Center Circle

Member Sue Kelly has stepped up to supervise the Dessert Table.  MOST DESSERTS ARE 50 CENTS!!!!! (Larger portions will be priced accordingly)

8:00 PM - Midnight – Music and Dancing Performed by – Chris Merlin Band

 Sunday May 19

7:00 AM - Reveille

7:45 - 8:45 AM - Check In/Membership - Center Circle

8:00 - 8:30 AM -LAST CALL- Final Registration for MBBA Junior and Adult Casting Contests

8:00 - 9:00 AM     Sign Up for Adult, Junior and Pet Member DOOR PRIZES – See Diane Lomba Center Circle

Bring your membership card and receive a raffle ticket for the door prize’s that will be given out at the Awards Meeting.  Yes you must sign up ahead of time and yes you must have your membership card.

9:00 AM - MBBA Junior Casting Contest – Field

9:30 AM - MBBA Over the Hill Casting Contest – Field

10:00 AM -  MBBA Adult Casting Contest – Field

11:00 AM - MBBA Murat Memorial OPEN ……Men’s CAST OFF – Field Winning cast will win a $100.00 Visa Gift Card, and receive this year’s 2019 trophy!            $5.00 to cast………….Bragging rights are priceless! Are you ready?

MBBA Schlesier Memorial OPEN …… Women’s CAST OFF – Field Winning cast will win a $100.00 Visa Gift Card, and receive this year’s 2019 trophy!

$5.00 to cast………….Bragging rights are priceless! Are you ready?

11:00 AM – 1.00 PM - Last Call
Promotional Tables Open

Get your official MBBA merchandise!!

11:30 AM - General Clean Up

This time is set aside for a GENERAL CLEAN UP of the entire area. Please take this time to make certain the area around you is cleaned up.  THANK YOU!!

11:30 PM - Last Call Door Prizes be sure to bring your membership cards to Diane Lomba.

12:00 PM - Junior Raffle Table Drawing

12:00 PM    Lunch Time - Fire Up the Grill!!  Get Your Raw Bar On!!

Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Sausages - Center Circle $3.00 each or 2 for $5.00

Hot Dogs $0.25 each

12:00 PM - Last Call for Legal Fund, Courtesy Patrol Raffle & Special Raffles

12:30 PM -  Award Presentations - Center Circle

All Members please gather in the Center Circle for the presentation of Awards, Trophies, and Recognitions.  Awards will be presented for the following: Conservation Project Attendance, Scavenger Hunt, Poster Contest, MBBA Junior Casting Contest and MBBA Adult Casting Contests.

1:30 PM - Junior Raffle Table Drawing

2:00 PM - Board of Directors Raffle (All Items donated by the MBBA BOD)

2:30 PM - Legal Fund Raffle Table Drawing

3:00 PM - Courtesy Patrol Raffle Table Drawing

3:30 PM - Lottery Tree Raffle Drawing

3:30 PM - Rudy’s Rod Raffle

3:30 PM - Red Sox Raffle

3:30 PM - Closing Remarks MBBA VP & Spring Meet Chairman Tom Moss will formally close this year’s event.

Thank you for attending this years Spring Meet.  At this time, we ask for some volunteers to stick around and help break down the event and make sure the entire area is cleaned up.

Thank you, and enjoy the upcoming beach and fishing season.

For Fair and Reasonable Beach Access and Conservation,

Tom Moss

MBBA Vice President

Spring Meet Chairman      














ALL Spring Meet Raffles, Prices and Time of Drawings:

  • SAT - 50/50

$5.00 PER TICKET or 5 FOR $20.00
(drawn at the end of the Spring Meet Business Meeting)

  • SUN 3:30 pm - Lottery Tree

    $10 PER TICKET or 3 FOR $20


$1.00 PER TICKET (drawn at end of the Spring Meet Business Meeting)

  • SAT 5:15 PM - LOBSTER (Four Individual Drawings)

    • Adult (Male/Female) = 2 Lobsters between 3-4 lbs. - $1.00 PER TICKET

    • Junior (Male/Female)= 2 Lobsters between 2-3 lbs. - $1.00 PER TICKET

  • SUN 1:30 PM – Junior Table


SUN SAT 2:00 PM - Board of Directors Raffle
$1.00 PER TICKET (All Items donated by the MBBA BOD)


  • SUN 2:30 PM - Legal Fund


  • SUN 3:00 PM - Courtesy Patrol

    $1.00 PER TICKET

  • SUN 3:30 pm - Lottery Tree

    $10 PER TICKET or 3 FOR $20

  • SUN 3:30 pm – Rudy’s Donated Rod

$5.00 PER TICKET or 5 for $20.00

  • SUN 3:30 PM – Special Red Sox Raffle

Tickets only if you are on the signup list from Facebook or Tom Moss

Joing The MBBA Team