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Please provide the names of the Pets you would like to add as Pet Members. Pet Members are $15.00 each.
Pet membership is an ongoing club fundraiser and is optional


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MBBA Code of Ethics *

1. To respect vegetation and designated wildlife areas. To stay in established trails, maintain proper air pressure, and travel at or below posted speed limits.
2. To respect local ordinances and the rights of property owners, including private property.
3. To offer assistance to any individual or vehicle operator that may be in need. Remember, you may be responsible for damages caused to any vehicle or person(s) while offering towing assistance.
4. To respect fellow beach goers. To proceed at a minimum speed when approaching or passing large groups on the beach. To stop and allow others to walk across the trail when applicable. To avoid prolonged stopping/parking in the trail which could force other vehicles to detour around you.
5. Do not litter on the beach. Properly collect and dispose of all trash in proper receptacles generally supplied by Federal, State or Town management in designated areas.
6. To leave no unused bait or fish above the high watermark. Fish carcasses shall be considered trash and disposed of as such. Please check all Federal and State laws pertaining to harvesting cleaning of fish before doing so.
7. Use public toilets when available. Where public toilets are not available, respect the beach and dune system and carry a portable toilet with you. These units may be used in the vehicle or within a portable exterior enclosure.
8. All grey, black and portable toilet water shall be properly collected and disposed of in an approved manner.
9. Avoid overcrowding one particular area of the beach for any reason. Respect others that were there before you.
10. To give the right-of-way to vehicles driving off the beach. Please use common sense in difficult situations.
11. To fill in holes/ruts created by a vehicle getting stuck. Regardless of who created them, doing so will improve the safety of night driving.
12. To use common courtesy while on the beach, in air-up stations and public parking areas.
13. To follow all rules and regulations pertaining to pets. To properly dispose of their waste. (Do Not Bury or Discard in Ocean or Bay Waters). In order to protect wildlife and the privacy of others, it is recommended your pet be leashed at all times.
14. To follow all rules and regulations issued by your particular over-sand vehicle program management, and to always represent the MBBA in a positive manner.

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