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2018 MBBA Fishing Derby

Congratulation to

Bobby Lomba: Adult StripedBass Winner


Patrick Paquette : Adult Bluefish Winner






  1. Entrants must be a member in good standing.
  2. Legally caught Striped Bass & Bluefish are eligible for entry.
  3. Fish may be caught in any waters of Massachusetts from either boat or shore.
  4. 4 Categories: Adult Striped Bass, Jr. Striped Bass, Adult Bluefish & Jr. Bluefish
  5. One entry per species per day.
  6. All entries must be submitted within 7 days of catch
  7. All entries will be submitted via email to
  8. Derby opens the Monday after Spring Meet
  9. Derby closes at 11:59 pm October 15
  10. In the event of a tie the angler with the earliest dated entry will prevail
  11. Winners will be recognized at the Fall banquet.

The entry email must include:

  1. Name & Membership Number
  2. Date of Catch
  3. Boat or Shore?
  4. General area of catch eg. “Canal” or “Race Point”
  5. Length of fish rounded to the ½ inch
  6. Photograph of the fish being measured from the tip of lower jaw to the tip of tail.
  • Entire fish must be visible in photo
  • Entire tape measure and length must be clearly seen in photo.
  • Ruler should not be on top of or under the fish out of view
  • Included in the photo will be the MBBA # of the entrant. (hand-written, decal, jacket etc.)


Adult Striped Bass : Bobby Lomba       37”    
Adult Bluefish: Patrick Paquette  36"    
Jr Striped Bass    
Jr Bluefish    

Current Leader : Adult Striped Bass 37”



Current Leader : Adult Blue Fish  36”




Jim Boucher: Striped Bass 32" 

Angela Bumpus: Blue Fish 26"

Dave Hanson: Blue Fish 30"


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