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Duxbury Beach Information

Local Information

Service Station:     St George Garage, St. Seorge St. Duxbury, Diesel, Propane.

Dumping Area:      Non available


Bait & Tackle:        J&B Bait & Tackle, Green Harbor


Permit & Fees:   Available at Duxbury Town Hall

                                    Resident: $150.00 (2 per household)

                                    Non-Resident: $275.00 (1 per household)

                                    Seniors: $80.00




Police:                  781-934-5656

Coast Guard:      781-545-3800

Harbormaster:   781-934-8666

CB Radio:   MBBA Members Channel 22


Exit 11 on Route 3 and east on Route 14 to fork at Police Station: Right on Route 13 to Route 3A. Cross 3A onto St. George Street and follow past high school to flag pole. Bear Left onto Powder Point Road: follow to Powder Point Bridge and onto Beach. (Weight Limit for Powder Point Bridge. RV's Use Alternate Route)

Alternate  RV Directions: Exit 11 on Route 3 and east on Route 14 to Route 139 (Careswell Street). Go Right onto Canal Street. Continue onto Gurnet Road.

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