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Clifford H White Lifetime Achievement Award

To receive the Lifetime Achievement award, a candidate must meet a minimum of four requirements. 1) Significant tenure (10 years or more) 2) A commitment to excellence. 3) A commitment to the CLUB. 4) A commitment to the sport of fishing and beach buggying.

Scott Morris


Whether running the Casting Contest or taking days off work to attend club related meetings, your undying love of the MBBA is evident in everything you do. Your service as President, Vice President, Treasurer, Executive V.P. and Executive Secretary add up to an unprecedented 18 years serving in elected positions.

Although you have served on many committees, advocating for beach access highlights your lifetime of MBBA achievements. Your many years as Nauset Beach Representative and your service as both Delegate and Vice President of United Mobile Sportfishermen are stand-alone accomplishments, but for you these were only preparation for an historic achievement.

Your legacy in the beach access community extends far beyond MBBA. It was your vision and leadership guiding both the MBBA and a multi-jurisdictional steering committee that resulted not only in a first of its kind HCP for Nauset Beach, but permanently changed beach management statewide and opened beaches at the height of summer when they previously had been closed.

Your years of service and continued dedication to the MBBA are truly appreciated and respected by all.

cliff white award

Richard & Terry Lee Sandstrom


Wendy Paquette

In recognition of your many years of dedicated service to the MBBA. Your many years in volunteer positions as well as 19 years in appointed positions and 13 years in elected positions. You standing as the longest serving elected member to date, including the first woman MBBA Vice Presidents 2009- 2010. A dedicated family member that has successfully involved the four generations of your family in the MBBA. Your continued dedication to the club on Sandy Neck, at Conservation Projects, Board Meetings and Spring Meet. We values and respect your skills dedication and professionalism and are grateful for all of your contributions to the MBBA success.

Don Filman

In recognition of your years of service to the MBBA on Sandy Neck Beach, Serving as Beach Rep. and Courtesy Patrol, for years of dedication in organizing and managing the Everill MacKay Derby. Your efforts coordinating the clubs participation in the Rhode Island MDA fishing tournaments expanding our involvements in other clubs and beaches. Recognizing your service as Vice President and President from 20013-2006, as well as your efforts as a delegate to the United Mobile Sportsmen and The Massachusetts Sportsmen Council. We Value and respect your skills, dedication and professionalism and are grateful for all your contributions to the MBBA's success.

Rudy Sawyer

In recognition of the many years of dedicated service to the MBBA as: Courtesy Patrol on the Cape Cod National Seashore, Vice President, President, Executive Secretary, Executive Vice President and delegate to UMS. The countless hours and miles traveled to make certain our fine organization was well represented, all while managing to raise a your family, goes far beyond a simple thank you. Over the years, the management and coordination practices displayed at the Sportsman's Shows have been monumental. Your recent decision to pass down those skills to the younger generation will certainly benefit this organization for many years to come. May your dedication and relentless effort set an example for the future leader of the MBBA.

Peter Murray

In recognition of the tremendous amount of dedication to the MBBA. For beach access, conservation, fishing, safe boating practices and our right to continue into the future as a strong and well respected organization. In appreciation of accepting several key positions within the organization after completing tow year terms in the office of Vice president and President. Your commitment to the beach conservation goes unparalleled. As our Race Point Beach Representative the strong relationship you've built with the Cape Cod National Seashore will surely benefit families for many years. All of your dedication and hard work is appreciated and will continue to be for generation to come.

Clifford H White

Clifford H White, Recognizing a lifetime of dedication to the MBBA to beach access & conservation, to fishing, safe boating and our right to continued in to the future as a strong and well respected organization. For accepting challenges that no one else would standing fast in the face of adversity to protect our rights and preserve our future. For always nurturing the love of the ocean the beach, fishing, boating and of course the Cape Cod National Seashore to all of those around you. For your years of passion and commitment to preserving this lasting legacy for generation to come

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